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How to Pick the Right Tax Resolution Company

There are many tax resolution companies that exist today. Most open and close in just a year or so. They market via radio and TV and often use high pressure sales tactics to urge you to hire their company. PLEASE DON"T BE VICTIM OF THESE ILLIGITIMATE SALES PEOPLE. There are many legitimate companies with licensed professionals that are in business to help you resolve your tax matters. Please find a couple of items to look for when hiring a company.

1.     Do they have positive client reviews or negative unanswered reviews?

The reality of business is that you can not make everybody happy but, if a company has many negative reviews and not many positive reviews, this is a bad sign. If they simply don't answer client               complaints then please beware.

2.     Is there website a generic one-page site? 

If a company is in the business of making a quick buck you often find a generic one-page website that is designed to simply get you to call them. They do not offer e-books, free informational tools for those           who do not need an attorney, or explain in depth services offered and how they work. A company dedicated to helping others want you to have the most information at your fingertips to make an education           determination as to how you should proceed.

3.     Do they say they can only help if you owe over $10,000?

If a company says they can only help if you owe over $10,000 it means that they cannot charge you enough money to justify talking to you for 15 minutes. You cannot help everybody and in most cases is         doesn’t make financial sense if you do owe a few thousand dollars. Legitimate tax resolution companies, however, will spend time to explain what you need to do and how to move forward on your own to       resolve the issue.


I hope you found this information to be helpful. There will be more information to come on this topic so please check back.

Written by
Karen Sibley
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